Calibration Services

QUALITY COMPLIANCE  provides the service of calibration and verification for the measuring devices, analytical instruments, processing equipment's, packaging equipment's, utilities, and buildings (such as HPLC, freezers, refrigerators, stability chambers, tablet compression machine, dissolution testers, HVAC, …etc) that contains the following measuring devices.

These devices are:

* Pressure Gauges, transducers, switch and sensors
Differential Pressure Gauge, transducers and sensors
Thermometer (Liquid, Dial, Analog, digital)
Temperature controller ,transducer ,switch and sensor
Analog / Digital Temperature and Humidity thermo hygrometer
Analog / Digital Temperature and Humidity chart recorder
Temperature humidity data logger
Temperature data logger
Humidity data logger
Analog/Digital Temperature controller
Humidity Controller and sensor
Air velocity meter/gauge/sensor
Air Volume m3/Gauge/Sensor
Mass (Class F and Class M)
Balance (Calibration, Verification)
Dissolution tester (Temperature ,Speed ,Time ,Centering ,Wobbling)
PH Meter using customer buffer
Conductivity  using customer buffer

Calibration  are performed by qualified and highly trained employees using certified and traceable standards to define the accuracy of its results as a basic requirement for GXP and ISO certification. The results of calibration tests shall be reported as individual reports

As Quality Compliance has a complete set of portable instruments alongside its laboratory instruments, calibration and verification service is performed either in Quality Compliance Laboratories or in the customer’s site according to the latter’s requirements. The Controlling of calibration activities shall be handled by computerized calibration manager software that arranges calibration schedules and calibration reporting.

Quality Compliance shall adjust out of calibration devices based on customer approval and device applicability