The Biotechnology Industry is a highly volatile and unpredictable sector due to the scientifically intensive operations of companies and organizations that operate in this industry. Markets served to include medical, agricultural, environmental, animal, and industrial. This industry emerged in the 1970s, with the main goal of enhancing the quality of life for humans and veterinary.

Biotechnology is the use of biological processes and components to provide useful products, services, and tools for a variety of applications. It uses knowledge from a variety of disciplines such as molecular biology, biochemistry, chemistry, microbiology, chemical engineering, and computing.

Our group of experts at PharmEng operate hand in hand with biotechnologists and non-biotechnologists to provide a basic understanding of the theory, principles, techniques, and potential of this rapidly moving field. We accompany the development of projects from scientific principles, biopharmaceutical product development, biomanufacturing strategies, and details on types of products and their applications.

As our team of experts is highly recognized in this field, PharmEng can provide access to our network of partners and specialized laboratories from a holistic Technical Service Partner perspective.