Monitoring system JRI

  1. Lora Spy
  2. The LoRa® SPY sensors measure,
  3. record and transmit their data measurements via the LoRa Alliance™
  4. operator network LoRaWAN™ or a private LoRa™ gateway).
  5. Monitoring of temperature, humidity, gaz, pressure, countable events, ...
  6. Very low power consumption (battery life up to 4 years)
  7. Suitable for monitoring locations with : - few sensors - storage areas spread on a wide territory - a need of real-time transportation
  8. Direct reading on the LCD display
  9. Nano Spy
  10. The Nano SPY sensors measure and record temperature and humidity in storage areas and during transportation. Data measurements are sent by a 2,4 GHz radio communication to the LINK transmission modules, installed nearby
  11. Easy installation in the unit or in a transport box thanks to their small size (63x42x25mm)
  12. Visual alerts via the warning light indicator of the LINK,
  13. in case of alarm Suitable for monitoring locations with many sensors on a short distance from the LINK
  14. No loss of measurements data in case of power failure due to the internal memory