Monitoring system Roambee

  1. Use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-enabled BeeBeacon Plus technology to get the temperature and humidity in your warehouse or when in transit by road, rail, air, or sea every 15 minutes.
  1. Recognize hot spots before they affect your goods with visibility at a carton, pallet, or package-level.
  2. Leverage real-time alerts with location and condition analytics to fix broken vents, plug ULDs to power sockets, divert the consignment to a nearby storage area, or ship a replacement out to your customer to meet delivery commitments.
  3. Maintain a high goods acceptance rate by being proactive with preventing spoilage and contamination.
  4. The BeeBeacon Plus stores data just like data loggers when in flight, travelling across the ocean or when there is lack of connectivity – with the ability to retrieve it with zero touch at any time.
  5. The solution seamlessly plugs into your enterprise software to enable every stakeholder to be on the same at every step in your cold chain