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Calibration Services

Perform calibration/verification for the following: 

Temperature (Gauge, Thermometer, Sensor, Controller, Transmitter,  Transducer and Data logger)

Pressure (Gauge, Sensor, Controller, Transmitter, and Transducer)
Humidity (Gauge, Sensor, Controller, Transmitter, Transducer, and Data logger)
Differential Pressure (Gauge, Sensor, Controller, Transmitter, Transducer,  etc...)
Ph. & conductivity  meter
Speed of the machines & motors
Noise meter
UV Lamp
Timers & counters
QC & IPC analytical instruments
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Clean room & HVAC Validation

Done as per ISO-14644, SFDA, EU & US FDA
  • State of the art equipment used
  • Performed by highly qualified personnel
  • Can assist/support to validate the following
    • Clean room
    • Production area
    • Isolators
    • Laminar air flow hoods and biosafety cabinets  
  •  Can facilitate to perform the following
  • HEPA filter integrity test
  • Air particle counting
  • Calculation of Air change
  • Air velocity
  • Sound level
  • Light intensity
  • Recovery time
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Air differential pressure
  • Airflow Visualization
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We provide mapping based GDP, GMP guidelines which satisfy SFDA, EU and WHO requirements. We can provide mapping for the following:

  • Warehouses.
  • Cold Room.
  • Transportation vehicle
  • Fridge’ss / Freezer’s/Deep Freezer’s
  • Incubator’s.
  • Stability chamber’s.
  • Oven’s
  • Cold chain shippers, packing qualification and testing
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