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Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution

We have developed various wireless monitoring solutions to help you to protect your products during storage and transport.

Our cold chain temperature monitoring systems are designed for Healthcare and Food Safety which are very strictly regulated with specific standards.
Temperature, humidity, pressure... Many parameters can be monitored by our wireless data loggers and connected sensors.

Data management is possible on intuitive cloud-based applications, developed to answer to requirements and constraints of the user and his tasks.

JRI MySirius is a wireless monitoring solution with IoT connectivity 


The cloud-based temperature monitoring solution is adapted to a wide range of applications :

  • Monitoring of storage areas : warehouses, cold rooms, thermostatic or climatic chambers, fridges, freezers, incubators…
  • Monitoring during transport : vehicles, containers, isothermal bags...

JRI MySirius is compatible with the Nano SPY wireless data loggers that are perfectly fit to meet the needs of basic temperature and humidity monitoring of storage areas and during transport.
The LoRa® SPY range of wireless sensors equipped with LoRaWAN long-range technology ensures tracking temperature, humidity and other environmental parameters and allows to monitor storage areas scattered over a large territory and perform real-time monitoring during transport.

Data loggers and sensors can be managed via any type of terminal : PC, tablet, smartphone... 

JRI MySirius can be integrated with a third-party systems via API.