Clean room & Utilities Qualification Test

Quality Compliance also performs Qualification tests for buildings, instruments, equipment and utilities (HVAC, PW, WTU, compressed air, steam generation, etc):

1.             Light Intensity measurements

2.             Noise intensity measurements

3.             Differential Pressure between adjacent areas

4.             Temperature measurements

5.             Humidity measurements

6.             Particle count measuring

7.             Air velocity measurements

8.             Air Volume measurements for grills and networks

9.             Number of Air changes (ACH) measurements

10.          Air balancing for HVAC networks

11.          Vibration test measurement

12.          DOP (Filter integrity testing)

13.          Heat distribution study (empty/loaded)

14.          Heat penetration study (different load sizes)

15.          Pump Flow rate measurements

16.          Motor Speed (RPM) measurements

17.          Liquid flow meter rate

18.          Compressed air gases test  (H2O ,CO ,CO2 ,NO2 ,SO2 , Oil)

19.          Temperature and humidity mapping (Store ,Stability chamber ,…. etc)

20.          Air pattern (Smoke test)